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Nawsi International Limited is a prominent company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Established in 2018 by Md. Fazle Nawaz, who serves as the Chairman. The company operates in various sectors, including energy and power services, construction, real estate, and road and highway development.

Md. Fazle Nawaz is a highly regarded business figure with extensive experience in the power sector, electrical equipment supplies, and substation and line materials. Under his leadership, Nawsi International Ltd. has gained a strong reputation in the power sector, relief administration, and mass communication. The company has the capability to undertake challenging projects that adhere to international standards under his direct supervision.

Mohammad Shamim Chowdhury, the Managing Director of Nawsi International Ltd., is a progressive leader who brings improved designs, technology, and services to the company. He focuses on providing clients with cost-effective solutions for their overhead/transmission/distribution and substation line material requirements. He embodies the motto of being committed to growth and dedicated to service.

In 2018, Nawsi International Ltd. acquired MS I.S International and expanded its presence in the energy and power sector, sustainable and renewable energy, real estate, and housing. The company is also involved in the construction of supermarkets, shopping centers, shopping complexes, and community centers, conducting business throughout Bangladesh.

Nawsi International Ltd. manages and supervises various construction and renovation projects, including residential buildings, telecommunication sites, commercial complexes, office complexes, educational complexes, mills, factories, bank offices, hotels, government and semi-government offices, townships, roads and highways, bridges, drainage systems, airports, terminals, restaurants, and hospitals.

Overall, Nawsi International Ltd. is a well-established and respected company known for its diverse portfolio and its commitment to delivering high-quality projects across multiple sectors.

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